asiastar international

Asiastar aims to enhance productivity in the survey industry by employing state-of-the-art IT technology. We developed StarOnline™, a web-based survey tool, to meet customer’s cost-efficient survey needs.

Clients shall provide their questionnaire for Asiastar to design the online questionnaire. Multiple online questionnaires are supported in one single survey.

An admin account shall be provided to the client for them to review and test the online questionnaire, and download survey results as well.

Once the online questionnaire is approved for data collection purpose by the client, we will provide the client with a specific URL to enable the client to broadcast and invite intended respondents to participate in the survey. Client may also ask Asiastar to broadcast the invitation letter to potential respondents through email.

A real-time online report of survey statistics and survey data shall be made available solely for view and download by our client.