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With StarOnlineTM, you can implement any survey and form in one go. We do all the things for you while you will see results immediately . StarSolutions™ is the series of survey solutions available at Asiastar, which include but not limited to the following:

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Measure the performance of your business through understanding customer satisfaction. Generate real-time survey reports to get customer satisfaction and loyalty levels, and timely receive customer’s complaints and suggestions for improvement.

New Product Evaluation Survey

Evaluate consumer reaction to product prototype, product concept, new product, marketing strategies through implementing online survey on the target market, and acquire consumer perception in a timely manner to support product development.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Regularly measure employee satisfaction with various aspects, including management, supervisor, job specification, training & development, etc.

Employee Engagement Survey

Routinely measure employee engagement level in the organisation. Get feedback from employee to see if their goals align with the goals of the organisation.

Perception Survey

Timely understand the perception or evaluation of the public, employee, student, graduate or participant of any event or organisation by resorting to an online perception survey.

Campaign/Advertising Effectiveness Survey

Conduct online pre-campaign/advertising and post-campaign/advertising survey to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign and assist decision-making.