asiastar international

We have a strong team of well-trained language specialists who are native speakers in respective languages from all over the world. In the years since our establishment, we have conducted translations almost all Asian languages, such as Chinese (Simplified and traditional), Thai, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Malay, Tagalog, Hindi, Gujrati, Tamil, Bengali, Arabic, Balinese and Bahasa Indonesian, etc. We are also strong in various European languages and South American languages.

We provide translation services for all type of documents in any type of format. We also offer editing and proofreading services for translations done by other translators or translation agencies.

Our strong team of translators enable us to do excellent job in virtually any field. Our translation profiles include but not limited to the following areas:

Technical translations

Technical documents, such as brochures and white papers, are important tools for the manufacturing industry to promote their products and help their clients in using the products. Asiastar has a team of technical translators in providing accurate translations to help our clients achieving their goal.

Legal translations

Legal documents such as contracts require the utmost attention and expertise to ensure accurate translations. Our legal translators have a good understanding of legal nomenclature, legal processes and systems as well as the industry and subject matter at hand.

We have extensive experience in translating all types of legal documents, including court and witness transcripts, legal certifications and statements, legal ruling reports, contracts, confidentiality agreements, depositions, legal disclaimers, affidavits, regulations and laws, patent and trademark filings, letters of credit, licenses, registration documents, expert reports, litigation and arbitrations.

Financial translations

Asiastar has a pool of translators with solid financial academic background and working experience. We have prepared a big financial translation memory to ensure the consistency and accuracy of our translation. Examples of financial translation include, but not limited to, prospectus, annual reports, insurance documents, financial statements and auditor’s reports.

Marketing translations

Marketing material, such as advertisement, leaflet, brochure and website information, etc., are crucial for our clients to publicise their products and services. We always bear this in our mind and assign those translators with marketing knowledge and relevant technical background to do the translation.

Healthcare and medical translations

Healthcare and medical brochures, reports, essays, drug test records and medical records, etc. are teh mostly required from our client for our translation services. Our medical translators have a tradition of translating with precision, which ensures satisfaction from our clients.

Questionnaire translations

Questionnaires are a type of special documents widely used in the survey industry. Our translators have good fieldwork knowledge accumulated through their interviewing experience and research analyst working experience. We have handled hundreds of questionnaire translation and reverse translations for varied research organizations around the world. We have also done numerous translations for questionnaire responses completed by the respondents.